Chishuru, Brixton

Chishuru is a West African restaurant in Brixton Village market, following on from a supper club run by head chef Adejoké Bakare, and located thanks to her winning a competition that has

Two Lights, Shoreditch

“Modern British” food is supposed to be the fusion of traditional British ingredients and dishes with new flavours and ways of cooking. Well, maybe. For me, it’s more of an “I know

Review: The Begging Bowl, Peckham

The Begging Bowl was one of the first really high-quality Thai restaurants in London, since joined by places like Som Saa, Kiln and The Smoking Goat, which have brought some of the

Review: Orange Buffalo, Tooting

For some reason, London’s restaurants find it extremely difficult to do good buffalo wings. No matter how good somewhere is in other respects, their wings will likely be slimy, soft and coated

Review: The Laughing Heart, Hackney

I will probably never really appreciate wine the same way some other people do. There are now some excellent resources, like Josh’s Wine List, for people who want to be able to

Review: Chik’n, Baker Street

I’ve been back to Chik’n since the review below and tried out their chicken tenders (both spicy and regular style), chips, dips and a burger. The tenders were a lot better –

Review: Tea Room at Bun House, Soho

What’s worse than a place with no redeeming qualities? A place with plenty of redeeming qualities that still doesn’t hit the mark. Tea Room, the cocktail bar below Bun House at the

Review: Daddy Bao, Tooting

I went to Daddy Bao hoping to not like it, for the sake of making this blog a little more diverse. After a string of two medal reviews I’ve begun to wonder

Straight Up London Food Map

Our map includes over one hundred and fifty of our favourite restaurants around London. With nearly a hundred thousand views, it’s one of our most useful pieces of content, and you can

Review: Knife, Clapham

The really big names in London restaurants, the ones everybody knows, are all steak places – Gaucho, Goodman, Hawksmoor. Apart from a few new challengers like Flat Iron, which I maintain is

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