Straight Up London is a website run by Philip, Ben and Sam that aims to give useful, straightforward reviews of London’s restaurants and bars.

Ratings system

Three medals: This is one of London’s best restaurants. Consider making a trip just to visit this restaurant.

Two medals: A favourite, and one we’ll visit again and again.

One medal: Good, and well worth considering if you’re nearby.

No medals: Average, and probably only worth it if you particularly like this kind of food and are in the neighbourhood.

“Avoid”: This is a bad place – bad food, overpriced and/or incompetently serviced. Don’t go here.


  1. Love the website but a couple of suggestions to make it quicker to use: could you have a ‘top restaurants’ page, or a ranking system, or restaurants by medals. Also could you add the medal at the start of each review so you can see it on the leaders. If you can be boyhered, a way to access the reviews by price, location, and rating would be awesome. Cheers!

  2. Have just spent a long time on your site. It’s great. Do you think you could sub divide the category of restaurants into cuisine? So if I were after a decent Mexican that was fairly close I would be able to find one given your trusted reviews? Thanks and keep up the good work.

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